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Quanticall is a telemarketing sales firm in Syracuse, New York. We partner with businesses across the country providing remote customer service and sales support for all industries. We give companies the ability to scale without increasing their employee overhead. Whether your business needs support inbounding, outbounding, chat or email, data entry or quality customer service - we’ve got you covered. We provide local area codes, 24-hour business days, premium technology, recorded calls, confident phone personalities, and so much more.

After determining we’re a good fit, our management team will collaborate with yours to construct and execute on custom built scripts, processes, and solutions to help improve your company's marketing campaign. Our goal is to align interests with our partners and grow beside them - one agent at a time.


Custom Mailer Campaigns

We will create a direct mail campaign for your target market and manage the sales calls it creates. Our high class phone agents will delight each one of your customers with friendly, efficient and professional service that will make your brand stand out.

Appointment Setting

If your business relies on a 'one call close' system, then you know how critical it is to set the right expectations for every scheduled appointment. Failure to do so can lead to lost sales. We understand the importance of setting the right expectations for every scheduled appointment for your sales team.

Email, Chat, & Text

By outsourcing your email and chat campaigns to us, you can save time and resources while improving your customer engagement and driving results. Our team is committed to helping you achieve your business goals and providing your customers with exceptional support every step of the way.

General Customer Service

Our team of experienced customer service professionals can handle your customer inquiries promptly and efficiently, ensuring a positive customer experience. We use advanced customer support tools and techniques to ensure that all customer inquiries are resolved quickly and accurately.

Answering Service

Our team is located in different time zones, allowing us to provide support 24/7. We understand that every minute counts in business, and our goal is to provide prompt and efficient support to keep your customers happy and your business thriving.

Contact Center Consulting

If your in-house team needs some ‘work’ - bring us in to revamp your call center with direct plans, custom scripts and training/development guides to ensure your marketing dollars are getting the most bang for their buck.


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